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Gayle to 'explore opportunities' but not quitting

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PostWysłany: Wto 7:37, 21 Sty 2014    Temat postu: Gayle to 'explore opportunities' but not quitting

Gayle to 'explore opportunities' but not quitting
Chris Gayle has said he "will explore the opportunities available" to him elsewhere since he can no longer wait on the WICB to resolve their issues with him, but is available for selection for West Indies and Jamaica and has ruled out retirement. In a long and emotional public statement he said communication with officials of the West Indies and Jamaica boards had broken down and traced the evolution of the longrunning and bitter dispute back to 2009, when Ernest Hilaire, now CEO of the WICB, cast doubts on his ability to captain the team.
"I have now reached the stage where I have to say that enough is enough," Gayle wrote. "I understand that the WICB and the Jamaica Board met and my matter was discussed but nobody has told me anything and I can only assume without any positive feedback there has been no resolution. There is a disciplinary process in West Indies cricket. Yet the board is allowed to be the complainant as well as policeman, judge, jury and executioner in my case. When I tried to respond to the accusations made against me, I am deemed to be out of place and trying to destroy West Indies cricket.
"I am now coming close to the end of my shelflife as a cricketer . and must concentrate on providing for my family now and in the future. On this basis, and not hearing from the West Indies Cricket Board with any clear pathway forward, I have come to the bitter realisation that I am not wanted by the board and all that has gone before in terms of reconciliation is a sham and a mockery. I see it as a scam to fool the people of the West Indies and the world into believing that they were serious about my returning to West Indies cricket.
Gayle suggested his exclusion from the series against India was part of a longterm plan to remove him from the team. The problem, Gayle said, goes back to 2009, since when he had "been put in a nowin situation". Soon after Hilaire took office that October, he said, the board questioned the selectors' recommendation that he should captain the team to tour Australia. While eight members voted for him, five voted against. "Clive Lloyd, who had praised me highly before was one of them [who voted against him]. He never said anything to me about why he was no longer on my side. Joel Garner, who was the manager of the West Indies team and who worked with me closely on the Stanford game which we won, was another. Conde Riley from Barbados too. Most surprising is the man who said publicly that he always supported me as captain. Professor Hilary Beckles voted against me so when he says that he pushed for me to be captain you have to decide whether to believe Beckles or the minutes of the meeting. Gregory Shillingford of the Leeward Islands voted against me."
The Board set up a committee to meet with him, he said, which included Lloyd, Garner and Beckles. He was then criticised in coach Ottis Gibson's report on the 2010 World Twenty20, which said, "the captain was not a natural leader" and "not a student of the game and lacks tactical awareness on the field". However, Gayle wrote, Gibson never said anything to him before or after his report. "He is a man who sought my advice when things were not going well. Before he became the West Indies coach he used to call me often."
Gayle said he played with an injury during the World Cup and returned to Jamaica to get in shape for the home series against Pakistan. A camp was set up but nobody contacted him, and he was again ignored when the squad was picked for the first two ODIs. That, he says, is when he got an offer to play in the IPL for Royal Challengers Bangalore and went when the WICB made it publicly clear that Ramnaresh Sarwan, Shivnarine Chanderpaul and Gayle were not considered for selection. "I did not turn my back on the West Indies because the West Indies had already turned its back on me. I was not in the squad and it was clear that there was no intention to pick me."
If Chris Gayle had really wanted to represent the West Indies just as in the case of Pollard and Bravo he would have signed the central contract offered to him. We as a public are not fools anymore and we can see that these individuals don't really care about our cricket. A great legacy was passed down by the players of the past and these guys are doing everything to destroy it. Get rid of them all and let the rebuilding process begin. Finally all those from other countries who back Chris Gayle must ask themselves if that sort of behaviour would be tolerated by their boards. I think not. N E body who believes should go to stats guru and compare Gayle to Haynes and Greenidge and only then will people stop making allegations against Gayle been an average opener. The only difference is that Haynes and Greenidge played in a all powerful WI team. Gayle has a lot to offer. It's really sad to see these turn of events. But it only shows the inability of the WICB to resolve player issues without trying to degenerate the player. Do we remember how the WICB ended the careers of Haynes, Greenidge and Viv? There is no guarantee that adding Gayle to the squad will make us but at least it will improve our chances of winning. I have a new level of respect for Gayle now because he's the only that is standing up to the WICB stupidity.
It is so sad to see what West indies Cricket has come to,[url=]michael kors paris[/url], yes every team goes through a crisis some time or another, to see now that Money, abusive language, and and most recently an attitude that spells violence has taken the place of Love for the Game, Love for your Country and West Indies and PRIDE; West Indies was once upon a time the Godzilla in the Cricket World. Everyone can see Sammy is trying his best, the body language and face expression on some of the players who still have the love and pride for the game. Yes, I do believe the Team wants badly to win, but there is too much wrong outside bad influence that is hampering the unity and team spirit. I love my West Indies team Win or Lose.
sportspeople just want to do their best and play sport. The suits are always the problem with vested interests, political maneuvering, getting what they can for themselves and their reputation they offer nothing to the world. Gayle just has to get out there and hit a ball and gives us so much. The less officials there are, the better sport operates. Don't need a 10 or 15 man panel of cronnies to decide who is capable of hitting a ball, it is in the open for all to see. Come play in Aus Gayle, just avoid the stooges we have running the game here.
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